Harmful Effects of Using Freon as a Coolant in an AC Unit

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You are required to be cautious if you are using an air-conditioning system in your home because it is a complicated unit and, therefore, if you are not using it cautiously, it may cause a number of problems. The first thing you should know about your AC unit is that which refrigerant is being used in the system to provide cooling in your home. It should be R-410, which is undoubtedly one of the safest refrigerants available nowadays. But if your air conditioner use R-22 (Freon) as a coolant, then call the experts of the ac repair Downtown Miami for the retrofitting of your system as there are many harmful effects of R-22.

The harmful effects of R-22 have been described in this blog so that you will be able to know why you need to replace R-22 with R-410.

1. Do you know that the production of the R-22 has been banned in almost all the countries? It is because the Freon is a mixture of different chlorofluorocarbon gases, including carbon, hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine, etc. and the chlorofluorocarbon gas is harmful to our environment. In 1985, it was discovered that R-22 is responsible for damaging the Ozone Layer and later, it was decided to ban it completely. So, if you are still using this as a coolant in your air-conditioning system, then you are responsible for harming our environment as well.

2. It was impossible to put a complete ban on it because many people had invested their money in an air-conditioning system, which is why it was decided to ban it systematically. In 2010, production of the R-22 based cooling systems was banned, but Freon was still available for the manufacturing purpose. It will be almost impossible to get Freon after 2020 and therefore it is better to replace it as soon as possible with the help of the professional technicians of the ac repair Downtown Miami.

3. Another advantage of replacing R-22 with R-420 is that it helps the air-conditioning system to work more effectively, i.e. if you are using R-410 in your air conditioner, then it can provide the desired temperature at a very good speed.


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